Logo with developed strategy for including current year to differentiate annually

A suite of digital banners were created for emails and landing pages

Set of 6 different badges and lanyards for varying attendee and staff levels

Cover design for two 24-page program books, depending on attendee type

Peek at a few inside pages of the program book

A folded passport book included in the back of the program book where attendees could check off all the interactive elements throughout the conference

Numerous decals, informational signs, session signs, and directional signs were create to brand the space and help with wayfinding throughout the conference

An interactive tile wall where attendees can easily flip to see stats about 27 partners

Mock up of interactive wall where attendees can toss colored balls intro different sections and lift flaps on the right

Finished product created with a bookshelf, foam board, and decals

Networking wall displayed during an evening reception for attendees to take photos and pin them to the wall to increase connectedness

A lighted stage backdrop, custom presentation templates and slides, and a podium design were created to deliver seamless keynote presentations

A suite of social ads were created to advertise for the event

App graphics such as banners, splash screens, and icons were created to round out the event experience

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