The logo and pattern we used as the foundation to create all of the collateral.
The branding needed to be conveyed across the entire 4-day, 3,500-people event. This included many digital presentations from employees throughout the firm, especially our CEO. 
For the events each evening, we created a stage banner and additional screen designs. 
I created the event map, which was used on posters throughout the venue, as well as on the back of each attendee's name tag.
We created directional signage for every room and hallway in the venue. 
I designed a large post-it wall. Above is a mockup of half of the wall.
Attendees were encouraged to add experiences and thoughts to the wall via post-its. 
We designed several SWAG items, including multicolored water bottles and sunglasses. 
I created various paddles for the volunteers to help guide attendees. 
Using the "a" from the event logo, I created a logo for our charity spin event.
I also designed impactful t-shirts for the spin event, the incorporated the event branding using heat transfer.
One of the many directional posters placed around the venue.
A view of the completed shirts in action.
I designed shirts for the event volunteers, using red to help them stand out in the large crowds. 
Back of the staff shirts, tying in the "a" from the event logo. 
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